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Jamaica $5000.00 Notes

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PostSubject: Jamaica $5000.00 Notes   Mon May 18, 2009 12:53 pm

(BOJ) announced its plan last Thursday, without giving a rationale for the launch of the new note, the first since the $1,000 bill was issued eight years ago. The note is being launched to celebrate the 86th anniversary of the birth of the late Prime Minister Hugh Shearer, who died in 2004. His image will be on the note. However, it was said that the note does not mark the devaluation of the dollar.

A central bank Spokesperson said: "The governor (Derick Latibeaudiere) will explain it all on Monday."
not good
Although he had little knowledge in terms of the reason for the new $5,000 note, Delomar from RDX believes that it is not a good sign.
"What they need to look into is how dem can make the economy better 'cause the higher the note, the more it show seh the economy inna shambles," he told THE STAR.
He also lamented that dancehall is getting a 'fight' even though it brings more revenue into the economy than other sectors.
Although saddened by the news, deejay Macka Diamond said she only laughed when she heard about it.
"When mi hear, mi jus' laugh 'cause basically wi money a go look smaller with a $5,000 bill. That note symbolise seh the economy nuh dat good," Macka Diamond told THE STAR.

But, on a lighter note, she said: "I don't have a problem with it 'cause it will mek wi carry less notes. When the $1,000 bill did introduce, everybody did happy."
He was in Cayman on Friday, but No Games singer Serani was aware of the new note. He, too, expressed disappointment, saying: "A $5,000 note jus' show how weak the dollar is. We supposed to be working towards upliftment and it's only getting worse." Serani performed at shows in Cayman and New York on the weekend.
Gospel artiste Omari was shocked when he heard about the new note on Friday.
"Wow!," he exclaimed. "Bwoy mi jus' a hear bout it and it surprise me. It jus' a show seh wi money nuh have any value and that we need fi do more 'bout wi economy."
Meanwhile, Delomar said he would have preferred to see reggae icon Bob Marley on the note, rather than Shearer.
"No disrespect to Shearer, but I feel like they should put Bob Marley on it 'cause him do more for the economy through the music," he said.

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Jamaica $5000.00 Notes

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