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Keeping your Jobs If you move to India

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PostSubject: Keeping your Jobs If you move to India   Thu May 14, 2009 9:04 am

A one-way ticket from France to Bangalore, India: $628
Pay cut: 1,731 euros per month
Avoiding a layoff: priceless?
French textile workers were recently made an offer that most, undoubtedly, refused: relocate to India and work for local wages or lose their job. The Times of London reported May 12 that the Carreman company gave its employees the unenviable choice in part to comply with French labor laws.
Carreman told workers they could keep their jobs if they moved to Bangalore at a 96% pay cut, according to the Times. They were not offered airline tickets. A recent online search put the cost of a one-way ticket from Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris to Bangalore airport at about $628, with a plane change.
Offshoring jobs to relatively cheaper Asian and Eastern European countries, such as India and the Czech Republic, has long been a subject of contentious debate in both Europe and the United States. But the global economic downturn has pushed the issue into the headlines again. Faced with sharp drops in demand, many companies are choosing to cut costs by moving jobs to cheaper countries. In March, IBM announced that it would cut 4,000 jobs and move them to India, sparking a public outcry. Forrester research estimates that as many as 3.3 million jobs will move overseas by 2015. Courtesy of MSN
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PostSubject: Re: Keeping your Jobs If you move to India   Fri May 15, 2009 1:35 pm

Its the world we are living in very soon everybody will be looking to india and china for work so start gettig in the habit of eating other food stuff,eg.(monkey brain) chineese national dish
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Keeping your Jobs If you move to India

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