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Pastor Arrested:

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PostSubject: Pastor Arrested:   Tue Jun 16, 2009 2:49 pm

This is one story I couldn't believe. I know these things happened, but I thought it actually stopped. L.O.L.

A prominent Jamaican born international pastor was taken into custody st the Savavva-la mar polics station in Westmoreland yesterday.
This pastor is 45 years old and arrin=ved in Jamaica on June 1. as a guest speaker at a tent crusade in Little London Westmoreland. It is alleged that at one of his meetings he exchanged numbers with a fourteen year old girl. Now, this man hold a doctorate in divinity. He asked the girl to accompany him on a trip to Clarendon. (Now, I cant remember me at 14 to be able to make such a decission, but I guess people would simply say times change).

The 14 yrs old brought along a 15 yrs old female friend for the trip on saturday where it was alledged the pastor fondled and kissed both girls several times.

On their return to Westmoreland he took the girls to the hotel at which he was staying in Negril (Oh, I guess Negril is not that far from westmoreland). He claimed it was late. At about Sunday morning 2am, he sexually assaulted the 15 year old twice while the younger girl watched. (Now I think something is wrong with this story, I thought the 14 year old was his friend first).

Anyway, according to the Gleaner, Persons became suspecious of the pastors activities informed the policeand the girls, after being questioned, admitted what had occurred. The reverend was arrested Sunday evening.

I need a detective on this one.
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PostSubject: Re: Pastor Arrested:   Sun Jun 21, 2009 4:56 pm

Here is one detective look no further,case like this i would really want to investigate.but look this is no surprise to me,these Pastor's i dont know what type of nature they got.Butl ook where he has his doctorate,in divinity he loves to hard go deep, i mean its really sad and dissappointing to hear these kind a story but the worse part of it he went to teenagers,whats up with all these men i want to know why are the men nowadays tareting the kids what they put the big woman dem on hold.They must prison his backside.
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Pastor Arrested:

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