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Bleaching Syndrone

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PostSubject: Bleaching Syndrone   Thu Jun 11, 2009 10:49 am

I find this topic pretty hard to discuss. However I was watching WAT A GWAAN program the other day and my mouth dropped; cause I did not know bleaching creme was sold by the pound and they have different colours. Yes they do, one of the vendor commented that the foreighners rather the Yellow one. Also did you know that you have to wear stocking and it will cause the bleaching process to go faster. My goodness, I couldn't believe it. Right now I wish my complexion was darker.

People need to realise that the darker you are, the more pigment you have and the more pigment you have, the better it is for you when you are expose to the sun. Come on my sisters, I am pleading to you to stop the bleaching ting man. I recall a lady telling the host of the program, that her man love her when she bleach. Now if a man love me when I bleach, he does not love the real me, he simply love someone else.

So whats the next step"Are we going to bleach the kids also. For all I know a black skin man and a black skin woman equals a black baby mostly, exept for the scientifics of Genes.

I am not bitching on the bleachers so dont get me wrong. I know that people do things for various reasons, but I would like to know whats the main reason for bleaching.
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PostSubject: Re: Bleaching Syndrone   Sat Jun 13, 2009 3:06 pm

This bleeching thing became a real part off some female life just after buju sing the song "mi love mi car mi bike and things but most of all mi love mi browning" enuh but its not every wall dirt stick on,the main reason behind this is lack of education its mainly people who are posses or cant read and write do it.

you could ask the question why does a white person lay in the sun you might just never get the correct answer,as i always say their is an audience for every music but all i know it nuh look good ,i am always giving compliment to my black woman .

The other thing is peer pressure and some woman really ugly under the jet black enuh so you know they have to try a thing,because if they dont bleach dem know a it blaze wish you all the best keep on pleading some will just dont hear you
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Bleaching Syndrone

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